The Clouds are Clear!

As I was preparing for my trip to Chicago, with great excitement, I was running through my mind every possible experience and thanking God for allowing the opportunity. 

One of the things I was thinking about, as I was headed to the airport, was taking a selfie on the plane (lol). I wanted to take a picture looking out the window with the clouds in the background.

When I got to the airport to check in at the kiosk, the airline pre-selected my seat to be in the middle. Well there goes my opportunity for my #CloudsInTheSky tagline. I made my way to the gate with about 45 minutes to spare, so I started surfing on IG posting photos for TBT. I choose some photos I took at Essence Festival in New Orleans and remembered what a great time I had and how God completely turned the trip around.


I posted my pictures and started walking to the gate. I handed the lady my boarding pass, trying to cover my extra personal bag, considering I'm only allowed to bring two bags on the plane. I continued walking and I hear in the distance "excuse me". Immediately, plan B was kicking and I thought I'll just stuff my cross over purse in my book bag (LOL). I turned around and the lady asked me,

“Can I have your last name please?”.  

“Yes, its Shaw.”

“OK just checking, here you go use this seat instead.”

I looked at the ticket and it had 18C on it. Which meant I had a better seat, but I wasn’t sure if it was my #CloudsInTheSky seat.


I walked on the plane and the attendant asked,

"What seat are you sitting at?"

I replied with confidence "18C".

"Oh ok, you'll probably have an overhang to store your luggage to yourself".

What you say? Space just for me, now that's what I'm talking about. She guided me to the overhead storage, I placed my cross-body bag in my seat and lifted my luggage and book bag in the bend. I looked around and notice the plane wasn’t full. I sat down in 18C, which was in the aisle but to my left my tagline and the middle seat was wide open. I was so excited but wanted to hold it together until everyone got on the plane just in case I needed to share the space.

Well needless to say, ya girl had the whole row to herself!

I quickly slid over to the window taking all my pictures. Then, decided to wait until we were in the air to have my moment (LOL). I plugged in my headphones in and started listening to my favorite podcast blessed and bossed up but kept my eye out the window waiting for the perfect moment to capture the plane moving through the clouds. 

I kept listening to the podcast as the host Tatum was laying the foundation about getting in alignment with God.

This is when everything shifted!

I was thinking about my conversation I had with God that morning and telling him how I wanted to be prepared for this business/professional development trip by having five questions I wanted answered before the trip was over. But one of my questions I had for God was I need clarity and confirmation on a few things.

He QUICKLY reminded me:

  • My sheep know my voice

  • You are an influencer but not in the IG way.

  • You're anointed with youth and wisdom.

  • You're not "the help" but you are a helper!

  • You're not "the servant" but you do serve!

  • Enjoy the trip and be in the room!

As I was mediating on God’s words, I looked out the window and He immediately dropped in my spirit "THE CLOUDS ARE CLEAR!"

Marilyn+Shaw (1).jpeg

Not one single cloud was in my view. God gave me clarity!

This moment was HUGE for me. Not only did He reminded me of my purpose in a few short phrases but He gave me confirmation. In the past whenever God would tell me something I would get excited but quickly start looking at my surrounding and question if I really heard from him. This habit would put my mind in a cloud of confusion and doubt. This was happening on a regular because I didn’t have a COMMITTED relationship with him.

Think about it like this…

If you wear eye glasses, you know when you need to clean them. Its foggy and your vision almost seem better without the glasses on because of how dirty they are. Well, that's not true because clearly your natural eyes need the glasses to see. So, what do you do? Clean them!

Think of the glasses as the holy spirit. Sometimes we mix the holy spirit with the dirt of the world (sin), so to speak, which leads you to believe your natural eyes are better than your spiritual eyes, the glasses. This is what an uncommitted relationship with the Lord will do.

A committed relationship with the Lord will keep your spiritual eyes clear and aware of when it’s time to do some DEEP cleaning. (tweet this)

God has plans for us to do but when you're mixing dirt or having your head in the clouds, it’s challenging to align your faith with His vision because your spiritual walk is off! Think of the dirt or clouds as the habits we love, the people we keep close to our hearts instead of God or anything we place before the will of God.

Make no mistake about the truth, the bible teaches us obedience is better than sacrifice! (Jeremiah 7:22-23) That means when you don’t do what God has told you to do, you're acting in pride and laying your calling down as a sacrifice. The Lord has a plan that's bigger than we can ever imagine for 2019. By destroying pride and choosing to be committed to His plans, brings about a GREAT reward not just for you but for others.

His ways are NOT our ways and his thoughts are NOT our thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9) I get it there will be times when fear will come and try to block you from wanting to hear and do what God has told you. 

But remember...

1. God is not the author of fear. (2 Timothy 1:7)

2. His sheep knows his voice. (John 10:27-28)

This means when fear aka the enemy comes, you have the authority (Praise God) to destroy that emotion and to realign your faith with God's voice. 

There might be moments when people around you or maybe even in your past, where wearing dirt and having your head in clouds was normal. But when you choose to align your heart with the Lord and accept him as the father of your life, he will begin to remove the dirt and smudges of sin and give you a peace of mind. 

This is the beautiful gift of the holy spirit which will guide you into all truth! (John 16:13)